Leather Notebook

Every Company
Has a Story

Our own experiences inspired us to help companies achieve more through innovation and design.

Embark Group

Embark Group is an innovation consultancy and Design Sprint facilitator.  We work with clients to quickly improve products, services, and experiences significantly.

Through personal experiences with exceptional customer service, engaging work environments, and products/services that truly made an difference, we formed to help bring what the most innovative companies routinely do - design for impact.  Our fundamental belief is if you find new and different ways to meet people's needs your business objectives will not only be met but surpassed.  If its good for your customers and your people, its good for your business.

Our Mission

To change the status quo and make a positive impact

through innovation and design.


Our Business

We partner with you to explore opportunities, improve services, and design experiences.  We believe in the power of user insight to ignite innovation and agility within organizations. We delight in the privilege to co-create breakthroughs and bring them to life. 


Our Principles

We are pioneering a different workplace culture that relies on key principles as a framework for making decisions and guiding behavior so we can deliver more innovation to more people for more impact.


Focus on People

Put people first.  Give people more than they expect.  Do more for your customers and employees than anyone else.  Empathize with those you can impact.

Be Humble but Hungry

Understand the measure of success is continuous improvement against the standard your set for yourself.


There can be no great advances without great chances.

Stay Balanced

Too much of anything can lead you down a bad road.  Stay balanced in all your dealings.

Trust and Transparency

If you don't have trust, you don't have anything.  If you don't have transparency, you can't have trust.

Embrace Reality

We must find the source of truth and listen whether we like what we hear or not.  Don't spend time wishing or hoping for better outcomes.


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