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Reimagine The Employee Experience

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Embark Group is an Experience Research company.  We deploy the innovative power of our multidisciplinary approach to research that quickly identifies what matters most to your employees and then design custom solutions that get results.  Our job is to be "Professional Outsiders" and help you see the invisible.


Get better results in less time and innovate for impact.

All organizations have one thing in common - success is dependent on people.  Opportunities to better serve your customers and employees are not always obvious.  Our services help you see where the opportunities are and design solutions for the greatest impact.

Gain an Edge

Our unique approach to research allows us to triangulate information to develop valuable insights, see things differently, and solve real problems; not from one vantage point but from multiple.

Meeting Room Business

Using structured processes and analytical tools, work that normally involves a lot of assumptions is made objective and focused.  We get to the heart of real opportunities and precisely define problems, so you don't waste valuable resources implementing solutions based on insufficient data or untested solutions.  In the end, you'll save time, money, and make real progress.

Save Time and Money


Our approach dramatically limits your exposure by aligning the needs of your audience derived from research and testing prototypes for rapid feedback.  This is fail fast to learn at its best.

Reduce Risk in Development

Team Meeting

We stay focused on aligning the needs of your audience with the goals and strategy of your business.  This means solutions designed for optimal impact that create massive value.

End-To-End Solutions

Universal Application

The beauty of our service is flexibility and applicability.  Regardless of industry, discipline, or capability we can customize our approach to help you rapidly improve processes, services, and experiences.


What do you want to make an impact on?

We help you change the traditional approach of problem solving with a smarter, more meaningful and effective way based on using better research and using the best contributions of everyone on the team.


Optimize a process or system


Create a more meaningful experience


Enhance your employee engagement


Differentiate your business

Develop a new program

Explore new opportunities

People Driven

Above all else, we are a people driven organization.  At their core, organizations have the opportunity to meaningfully impact the lives of their employees and customers.  The greatest impact comes from better research to gain a true understanding of the experiences people have and the needs that go unmet.  Design solutions with intention and the impact can be transformative for your employees, customers, and business.


One Hour Can Make A Difference

Contact us for a free one-hour work session where we will work with you to uncover new possibilities and new perspectives.  We guarantee you will gain clarity on the people you serve, the opportunities you have, and be ready to take action.  

Learn if we are the right partner for you. 

No Risk.  No Pressure.


Opportunities are endless because people's needs are ever changing.