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Strategic Advising

Expert Advice on Research Strategy and Organizational Congruence

Our strategic advising services combine our expertise in research with insight on organizational analysis and congruence. Many organizations benefit fit from personalized advising.  Our approach ensures you are implementing strategies and programs congruent with your context - strategy, structural design, political environment, and culture.  You’ll receive strategic advice backed up by time-tested research and insights to give you the tools you need to plan improvements, get stakeholder buy-in, and make strategic decisions, all contextualized to your unique situation.

Benefits of Embark Advising


Research Backed

Our expert advice is based on research in sociology, anthropology, organizational psychology and organizational behavior but practical in its applicability.



Adopting a new approach to collecting, using, and creating value out of research can be a daunting task.  We focus on collaboration to bring out the best in your business and people.



Every organization is different - your priorities, culture, and context are unique.  We don't force you into best practices for fixed frameworks.  Our approach is to advise in a way that will get you the best results for your situation. 

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