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Services to Gain an
Edge and Make an Impact 

Our services are designed to help you accelerate innovation across your organization for better experiences, services, and processes.

Driven to Serve

To create massive value for our clients - we are dedicated to delivering great results: insights on people's needs that lead to enhanced services, improved processes, successful experiences and more.


Empirical Research

We go beyond the data and help you find what truly matters.  Our research approach is grounded in Empathizing with the target audience to truly see what goes unseen and leads to a richer understanding of the factors influencing what customers and employees experience. 

The Wall of Ideas

Design Sprints

Developed at Google Ventures, a facilitated Design Sprint lets teams rapidly explore and test their best ideas in days instead of months. You’ll save time. You’ll save money.  You'll lower risk.  You and your team will demonstrate a creative velocity and clarity that you’ve likely never experienced before.


Innovation Architecture

Design your business to capture ideas, move on opportunities, and create more value than anyone else.  We help you find ways to have repeatable innovation in a way that is distinctly yours.  No cookie cutter solutions.

Creative Space

The Embark Difference

We are not your typical consultant or agency.  They want you to fit their mold.  Embark Group is different.  We don't bring cookie cutter solutions or best practices.  They rarely work as sold because they are not designed for your culture or environment.  We focus on bringing out the best in your business and your people by finding a solution unique to your context.  Customized end-to-end.  


The Need for Objectivity


with Focus

Your People, Our Expertise

Research shows people have difficulty maintaining objectivity in their processes and decision-making.  It is human nature to have bias shaded by our experiences and context.  This inhibits our ability to see patterns that may be right in front of us.
A objective third-party can break tradition and make all the difference.  Using a structure process, we help maintain objectivity, challenge bias and context ultimately driving you to better decisions and actions for your business. 

We use Design Sprints to compress work that would usually take months into days. We streamlined the old process to work faster, get tangible customer insights, reduce risk and avoid guesswork.

Together with our clients, we work in highly focused, intentional and intensive work phases with a clearly defined and actionable goal. Instead of spending months in meetings and discussions, we focus our work on maximizing value.

We believe your people are the best experts in your business.  They show up everyday to do the best work they can.  We bring out the best in them.  From idea to delivery in days - a speed that is increasingly necessary today - is key to having a competitive advantage.

Your talented people with our team, unique approach, extensive know-how, and proven methods will deliver strong solutions to your challenges.

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