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Surveys and Analysis

Gain Critical Input and Measure Perceptions

Surveys are valuable instruments necessary to understand stakeholder perceptions on critical issues.  Like a metal detector, they can tell you where to start digging, and it's important to get them right - proper survey structure, question wording, the respondent pool, and analysis can be the difference between a survey that points you in the right direction and one that leads you down the wrong path. 


Our expertise in survey design, administration, and analysis will ensure you have the best approach to gain critical input and gauge stakeholder perceptions.

Benefits of Embark Surveys and Analysis


Expertise in Methods and Analysis







Our team offers full support throughout the entire process - from design to administration and through final analysis and reporting.  We collaborate with you from beginning to end.  


Reduce Bias and Enhance Objectivity

We ensure the survey method and analysis is based on your needs and priorities to get objective and accurate results so you can make the best decisions possible.

Each survey is design for specifically for your context and priorities.  We tailor them to integrate seamlessly with a suite of research methods so you get the most complete picture.

Response, acquiescence, and conformity are among various biases to avoid.  An outside expert reduces the possibility of bias and increases the validity of the results.

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