Qualitative Research

Go Beyond the Numbers

Examining stakeholder thoughts, feeling, and opinions requires methods that take you beyond the traditional data.  Qualitative Research provides deep understanding of what people do, how they do it, and importantly, why they do the things the way they do.  It is about using context to understand behavior.  Used by industry leaders and innovators, the value in this method comes from its ability to go beyond Big Data and quantitative research to identify the root cause of problems and discover untapped opportunities for growth and improvement.

Qualitative Research Capabilities

Focus Groups &

In-Depth Interviews

Expert led one-on-one interviews and group discussions can reveal sentiment, decision-making processes, and unmet needs in ways quantitative data can't.



Capturing and interacting with subjects in their own environment reveals insights to their perspective and a deep understanding of how they think and behave.



Participating firsthand, in the moment provides context for the information gained through surveys and interviews.  We see what is happening but also what is not.



Journals in which participants respond to researcher-provided prompts explore patterns and changes in behavior and perceptions over time.

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